Plane of the Week: General Atomics MQ-1 Predator

What makes a plane a plane is the fact that it can fly. It needs to be piloted by someone, but that someone can be piloting the plane remotely. That’s the case with this week’s Plane of the Week: the MQ-1 Predator. Design and Development The MQ-1 Predator was designed in the 1990s with its [...]

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International Paris Air Show

The International Paris Air Show began on June 19 and will continue until June 26. The International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space (SIAE) host the event, and it is the 52nd edition of the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world. The show is held every odd year and welcomes the latest in [...]

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Are Pilotless Planes in Our Future?

Utopia: a place of ideal perfection. Tall, bright buildings between smooth highways surrounded by green grass. Driverless cars making seamless lane changes. Computers performing jobs better than humans ever could. Appealing as this may sound, real life is a bit more… messy. Pilotless planes seem like something taken out of a Utopian society that will [...]

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The History of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Part 1: WWI

When we think of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), it’s easy to limit our thought to present-day UAVs—after all, drones have been receiving a lot of media attention lately. While modern drones and remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) have become critical to the US Military due to their advancements, the development of such vehicles is, like so [...]

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