What is Alaskan Bush Flying?

When you take a commercial flight in the winter, you may encounter delays due to heavy snow, freezing rain, and other harsh weather conditions. However, weather like this doesn’t stop bush planes--especially in Alaska. Alaskan bush flying is a specialized area requiring pilots to navigate Alaska's wild mountains and roadless geography. Only the most experienced [...]

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Pilot Profile: Noel Wien

Noel Wien, a Minnesota native, is largely credited with introducing the airplane to Alaska. Wien took his first ever airplane ride in May of 1921 at 22-years-old. He learned to fly shortly after and relocated to Anchorage, Alaska at 25-years-old with his first aircraft—an open-cockpit Standard J-1 biplane. He performed stunts and gave passenger rides [...]

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How Satellites Make for Safer Flights

In between Iceland, Scotland, and Norway lies the Faroe Islands’ Vágar Airport—an airport completely reliant on a satellite-based navigation system. The airport has one runway and grass-covered hills surrounded by steep, rocky cliffs. Clouds above the water make landing on the remote island difficult to maneuver at times. Satellite-based landing increases flight safety. Europe's regional satellite-based augmentation [...]

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Five Flightseeing Tours You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you ever get tired of the same old view from the same old ground? Of Course you do. Just because we were born to have two feet planted on the ground doesn’t mean that we have to limit our perception of the world to a constant 5-foot-8-inch view (or other perfectly respectable heights). This [...]

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