Aviation Mysteries: STENDEC Transmissions

Morse code has saved countless lives over time. This method uses a series of sounds, lights, and clicks, in different lengths and combinations to convey a message, the most famous being SOS. It’s a system that has transcended time, really. This particular incident is a one-off story of the system not necessarily working. In August [...]

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Aviation Grease: A Critical Component for Maintaining Airworthiness

You might say that grease is the unsung hero of the aviation world. Sure, fuels and engine oils get you up in the air (and pilot skills keep you up), but it’s the lubricants that help keep everything running smoothly. Using grease is important for keeping your plane in perfect flying order. But what exactly [...]

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All About Aircraft De-icing

It’s that time of year again! The weather is cooling, our car windows are frosted over and so are the windows on our airplanes. Have you ever seen de-icing fluid? It’s kind of crazy looking, and the stuff is amazing. Today, we’re diving into the world of airport deicing fluid. It’s pretty fascinating stuff. The [...]

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The Story of the B-17 “Swamp Ghost”

Papua New Guinea has seen its share of plane crashes, as well as its share of war buffs hunting for “warbird” wrecks. But of all the downed planes scattered throughout the mountainous rainforests and jungle terrain, the fabled “Swamp Ghost” remains the most legendary. For 64 years, this downed B-17 Flying Fortress rested intact among [...]

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What’s the Deal with Crosswind Landings?

After touching down on the runway from a flight, you may have experienced a rather bumpy landing--and it may have seemed scary, but it's not as bad as you think. When planes meet crosswinds, it usually results in the end aircraft cabin (where you sit) swinging from side to side. Given how heavy the plane [...]

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Why Does a Witch Ride a Broomstick (and not a 747)?

This is one burning question, people. What events led to witches riding around on brooms? Why didn’t they switch to airplanes and use their magic to make them fly faster and last longer? I mean, if I were a witch—and I’m not, despite what my other half says—I would probably want to keep the wind [...]

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The Mystery of the Goodyear Ghost Blimp

Between 1942 and 1945, the U.S. Navy received more than 150 airships for the war effort. The military used these blimps, produced by the Goodyear Corporation, as convoy escort vessels. The Navy used them to spot enemy submarines and drop depth charges on those they encountered. But of all the airships utilized during World War [...]

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V-280 Valor to Replace Black Hawk Helicopter

The importance of military helicopters is monumental. They perform rescue missions, partake in special operations, and transport crucial equipment. Helicopter design and its unique ability to fly vertically traces back to patterns seen in nature long before the technology existed. Military helicopters must be able to do this as quickly and safely as possible. In some [...]

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The Famous Douglas DC-3 Wreck on Sólheimasandur Beach

The Douglas DC-3 is one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made. Since its introduction in the 1930s, the DC-3 completely revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 40s and had a lasting effect on both the airline industry and World War II. So why would such a significant aircraft—a symbol of the golden [...]

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A Method to the Madness: Airplane Boarding Procedures

Waiting to board your plane can be frustrating, especially when airlines use different boarding processes that may take longer than others. Passengers are usually seated by zone, from the back to the front of the plane, or by first-come, first-served. When you’ve already been waiting at the gate for over an hour, the last thing [...]

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