First Blue Blood Supermoon in 150 Years

If you ask me, 2018 is off to a great start as far as the moon is concerned. Not only did we kick off the month with a spectacular supermoon, which came with some amazing photos of aircraft flying past the supermoon (some featured below), but we’re ending the month with another. The phenomenon hasn't [...]

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How Aircraft Pressurization Works

In order for planes to fly safely and efficiently, they must go high into the sky; after all, they are airplanes. However, being 30,000-40,000 feet in the air isn't the best scenario for the people in the plane due to thinner air. Compensating for the difference in pressure from sea level to the sky through cabin [...]

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What is Alaskan Bush Flying?

When you take a commercial flight in the winter, you may encounter delays due to heavy snow, freezing rain, and other harsh weather conditions. However, weather like this doesn’t stop bush planes--especially in Alaska. Alaskan bush flying is a specialized area requiring pilots to navigate Alaska's wild mountains and roadless geography. Only the most experienced [...]

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2017 Blog Roundup: Looking Back at our Favorites

Nearing the end of the year always brings a certain type of nostalgia. As we look towards the future, it's always good to reflect on past accomplishments, too. By doing so, we can measure our growth. It's kinda like time travel that way--a blast from the past! We've grown a lot over the past year [...]

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What is it like to fly in the winter?

You might have experienced traveling with an airline during the winter months. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes there are hold-ups. But things are a little different for private plane owners. Think about what it must be like to fly in a plane without pressurization or only minimal heating. Some dedicated pilots don’t let the cold [...]

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NORAD: The World’s Official Santa Tracker

Last night, you may have pulled up the official Santa Tracker for your children to follow Santa Claus’s path around the world on Christmas Eve. The tracker has been following Santa every Christmas Eve for over 60 years, and its origin is a bit surprising. 'Twas the night before Christmas... Col. Harry Shoup [...]

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Here’s Why Aircraft Tires Don’t Pop When Landing

Landing a commercial aircraft smoothly can be challenging. Factors such as how experienced the pilot is and whether there are crosswinds can make or break a landing. If the pilot isn't highly experienced and there are crosswinds on a short landing, the passengers may be uneasy as soon as the wheels touch down. While this [...]

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A Look at Aviation Mechanics and Technicians

The people who care for the planes we travel on are the unsung heroes of the field. Without their knowledge and hard work, we would face a lot more problems than we do now when flying, to say the least. The job of an aviation mechanic entails a lot of training and duties. Today, we’re [...]

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5 Places Every Aviation Enthusiast Should Visit

The United States is home to some of the world's best aviation museums. Whether you were a fighter jet pilot, are a commercial pilot, or are working towards becoming a private pilot, you'll enjoy these aviation attractions. Passengers, engineers, and aeronautic geeks will also marvel at the history of flight. Each attraction has its own [...]

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Airport Hotels: Conveniently Luxurious

Hilton Hotels and Resorts symbolize the transformation of full-service luxury hotels. Ever since Conrad Hilton opened his first hotel in Waco, Texas in 1927, the company has in some ways set a standard in the hospitality business. Hilton is credited with several firsts in the industry including the first hotel in the world to install [...]

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