The Montgolfier Brothers and the Rise of Balloonomania

On September 19, 1783, a duck, a sheep, and a rooster all made history as the first passengers to ever travel through the air in a balloon. While their names didn’t go down in the history books, the names of the balloon’s inventors certainly did. The Montgolfier Brothers Beginning in France during the late 18th [...]

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Marilyn Monroe Was Discovered Working at a Radioplane Factory

When we think of Marilyn Monroe, we think of a seductive superstar of the 1950-60s. We think of Joe DiMaggio. We think of John F. Kennedy. We think of… airplanes? Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, this forever famous actress and model’s career came to be from her time working in an airplane factory. The Rise of [...]

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From Letters to Luxury: The Revolution of Flying First Class

With how popular commercial flying is today, it's hard to believe the multi-billion-dollar industry ever served anyone other than its passengers. Airplane development in World War 1 encouraged officials to consider the potential of using planes for fast commercial and mail transportation. By early 1918, Congress approved $100,000 to experiment with an air mail route. [...]

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Lilian Bland: Ireland’s First Female Pilot Could Do It All

In reality, though, Lilian Bland was truly anything BUT bland. It’s true that Lilian Bland was the first woman to fly a plane in Ireland. But it’s also true that she was so much more than just a pilot. She was the first woman in the world to both design and build her very own [...]

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Aviation Mysteries: Amelia Earhart Disappearance

Perhaps one of the most well-known aviation tragedies, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart remains a mystery today. We wrote briefly about Amelia in our Women in Aviation History post, and we're diving into more of her life and dissapearance here. I mean, how could we not? A Young, Aspiring Aviatrix At a young age, Earhart was [...]

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International Paris Air Show

The International Paris Air Show began on June 19 and will continue until June 26. The International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space (SIAE) host the event, and it is the 52nd edition of the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world. The show is held every odd year and welcomes the latest in [...]

A Brief History of Military Observation Balloons

Aerial warfare has evolved a great deal over the years. In its earliest days, it was utilized as a means of observation of the enemy. While aviation has grown a great deal, observation balloons have persisted over time. Military Signaling  Lanterns were used prior to balloons as signaling devices. A small candle is lit at [...]

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What Does a Serial Killer and the First Airplane Have in Common?

Did a killer unintentionally change the course of aviation history as we know it?  In 2015, famed historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough released a new book, “The Wright Brothers.” Early in his text, he recounts an event that ultimately changed the course of Wilbur’s life—and arguably the history of aviation as we know [...]

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Pigeons of War: How Ordinary Birds Took to the Skies for An Extraordinary Purpose

When you think of warbirds, you're probably not thinking of war birds (or the "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). There are a lot of reasons why former military aircraft that are still airworthy are revered. One thing that's for certain is the major role all forms of aircraft played in war. [...]

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Aerial Warfare in World War I

This Memorial Day, we’re remembering all those who have bravely fought for our freedom. The sacrifices soldiers make and have made is something that we will never forget. These soldiers made our country what it is today—the land of the free and home of the brave. Some of these soldiers fought on land while others [...]

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