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Kendra is a content writer with a BA in literature from Wilkes University. With a passion for exploring the world, Kendra works to bring light to the technology behind flight and the culture it exposes travelers to. Her creative work is more likely than not inspired by trips around the globe.

The First Airliner to Disappear: The Avro Ten Southern Cloud

The story, and occasional mystery, surrounding airline disappearances capture international attention with each occurrence. Experts claim the most common causes of such crashes are mechanical error, weather, and pilot error. A few well-known flights caused by mechanical failures are Delta Flight 191 in 1945, United Airlines Flight 232 in 1989, and Air France Flight 447 [...]

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Aircraft Wings Need to Be More Flexible

As part of the journey to building more fuel-efficient aircraft, aeronautic engineers have extensively researched ways to modify aircraft wings and make them more flexible. Less rigid wings could be the key to these flights because the overall weight of the aircraft would decrease while flexibility would increase. NASA’s Advanced Air Transport Technology project and [...]

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Plane of the Week: Antonov AN-2 Colt

The Antonov An-2—sometimes referred to as the Colt—has one of the longest production runs in history. Its ability to assist in many different ways contributed to its nearly 50-year (and still counting) run. Designer Oleg Antonov grew up in Saratov, Russia and was inspired by the progress of aviation he witnessed firsthand. He set up [...]

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What’s the Deal with Crosswind Landings?

After touching down on the runway from a flight, you may have experienced a rather bumpy landing--and it may have seemed scary, but it's not as bad as you think. When planes meet crosswinds, it usually results in the end aircraft cabin (where you sit) swinging from side to side. Given how heavy the plane [...]

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V-280 Valor to Replace Black Hawk Helicopter

The importance of military helicopters is monumental. They perform rescue missions, partake in special operations, and transport crucial equipment. Helicopter design and its unique ability to fly vertically traces back to patterns seen in nature long before the technology existed. Military helicopters must be able to do this as quickly and safely as possible. In some [...]

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Plane of the Week: Boeing-737

In 1967, the Boeing-737 took its first flight. The narrow-bodied business jet was one of the most popular commercial airliners. The 737 series is the best-selling commercial plane in history. Lufthansa acted as the first company to use the plane commercially and over time other airlines ordered it. The most use came from airliners such as [...]

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A Method to the Madness: Airplane Boarding Procedures

Waiting to board your plane can be frustrating, especially when airlines use different boarding processes that may take longer than others. Passengers are usually seated by zone, from the back to the front of the plane, or by first-come, first-served. When you’ve already been waiting at the gate for over an hour, the last thing [...]

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Boeing to Test Turbulence-Detecting Lasers on Commercial Flights

Boeing equipped its long-range 777 with a laser to discover turbulence before coming in contact with it. If the laser proves efficient, the plane, crew, and any passengers on board will be saved from a rough ride. Troublesome Turbulence Photo Credit: CBC News | Technology and Science, Ted S. Warren In-flight turbulence is [...]

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Plane of the Week: L-39 Albatros

As a nimble jet, the L-39 Albatros trains future pilots and prepares them to use heavier, larger planes in the future.  Air force units and the military utilize the plane for tactical aircraft, as well as a light ground support fighter. Pilots refer to the plane as an aggressive, agile aircraft with speed and maneuverability. [...]

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Hurricane Hunters: Weathering the Storm for Data

In the wake of hurricane season, you may have heard of the "Hurricane Hunters" and wondered, why anyone would go towards a hurricane rather than away from it? Well, there's good reason pilots fly into the eye of the storm--to collect accessible data for public officials. Their flights help gather information on a hurricane's strength, which can [...]

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