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Kayleigh is a content writer with a BA in technical writing/literature and an MA in creative writing. While some argue that reading a book is the greatest form of travel—and while she agrees with this statement to a degree—she believes that there is no better way to grow and experience life than travel the world. So, why not write about it? Her work has appeared on The Writing Cooperative and as an Honorable Mention in East Meets West American Writers Review.

How to Get Ready to Put Your Pet on an Airplane

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable to avoid bringing your pet along for your travels. Maybe you’re moving across the country? Or, maybe you can’t find a dog sitter during a peak-vacation time and you’ve already booked a pet-friendly hotel, so why not? While the decision to bring along your furry friend might be stressful in a number [...]

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How is the Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft?

I was driving through Virginia recently and noticed a sign on the side of the highway that read “Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft.” I’ve seen them in my home state too, but never really thought much of them until recently. I always thought, “Yeah, right. How would they do that?” But now I have more [...]

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Plane of the Week: Blériot XI

Design-wise, this plane was one to look at. It became one of the most copied and iconic aviation designs of all time. Famous pilots made history in their planes, and they opened the doors to many opportunities for England, this being more desirable to some than the Wright biplanes. Flying for the first time on January [...]

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The Women’s Land Army of WWI and WWII

While troops were fighting in the air and on the land of foreign countries, groups of women worked on farmlands to replace them. These women played an important role during the war, and so many things might have been different if it weren’t for their hard work and service. Upon discovering the BBC show Land Girls, [...]

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Pilot Profile: James Stewart

When we hear James Stewart’s name, we often think of his acting career; we particularly think of his role in It’s a Wonderful Life. I mean, who doesn’t love that movie? But did you know that he was the first Hollywood star to wear a military uniform during World War II? James Stewart is one [...]

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Plane of the Week: Vega 5B

Designed by Lockheed Aircraft, this Vega monoplane holds a special place in the hearts of many. The record-setting plane was capable of long-ranges and was used in the discovery of jet streams. Design, Development, Operation John Knudsen Northrop, of Northrop Corporation, and Gerard Vultee, of Vultee Aircraft Corporation, designed the Vega in the earlier days [...]

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How to Survive Hours in the Airport: The Best Layover Tips

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an airport, all alone, for five hours or more. I mean what are you supposed to do? If you don’t have access to the VIP or First Class lounges, the thought of that upcoming layover might be plaguing you day and night. Well, it doesn’t have to be [...]

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What Exactly is in Jet Fuel, and Can I Use it in My Diesel?

Here’s some fuel for thought: what’s being pumped into the underbellies of the giant jets that fly us around the world? Furthermore, if you’re looking to power up some of your own toys, you might be wondering if you can use it in your car or any other fuel-powered devices. Here’s everything you need to [...]

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Plane of the Week: Grumman FF

Usually, a double “F” is a bad thing, but this Grumman FF fighter biplane was a winner if I ever saw one. Between its bulbous, tear drop-shaped body and its nickname “Fifi,” this plane is sure to capture your hearts—if it hasn’t already. Design and Development The Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation was formed in late [...]

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Marilyn Monroe Was Discovered Working at a Radioplane Factory

When we think of Marilyn Monroe, we think of a seductive superstar of the 1950-60s. We think of Joe DiMaggio. We think of John F. Kennedy. We think of… airplanes? Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, this forever famous actress and model’s career came to be from her time working in an airplane factory. The Rise of [...]

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