What Exactly is Standby Traveling?

When it comes to traveling standby, there are two different classifications: employee and non-employee. One of the perks of working for an airline is getting to travel for free. The employee, a guest, spouse, children, and even friends can often enjoy these benefits. But paying passengers can travel standby as [...]

Plane of the Week: Waco 10

Based on the Waco 9, the Waco 10 was designed to make something that was already good, bigger. Both had three seats and a single engine, but a larger wing area, bigger cockpit, and additional features made this model even more popular that the last. Design and Development Just like [...]

Whatever Happened to Stratovision?

Airborne television broadcasting is not a thing of the past, but in the past it was the thing. In October of 1945, Radio Craft Magazine introduced the concept (read the full issue here!). In the early 1945s, not many places in the country had access to television, and Stratovision wanted [...]

This Airport Terminal is Going to the Dogs

…and the horses and the cats. Traveling with pets can be ruff. And incredibly stressful (to both those on two legs and four). Every so often we hear the occasional high-profile horror stories about dogs who died after being on flights. And regardless of whether the airline is at fault [...]

Plane of the Week: Nieuport 10

World War I marks the first major conflict where the use of aircraft really took off. Unlike WWII, however, these early military planes were primarily used for reconnaissance. From Racer to Recon In January 1914, French Naval officer, engineer, and businessman Gustave Delange joined the Société Anonyme des Etablissements Nieuport (A French [...]