Before They Were Presidents of the United States of America, They Were Pilots

Franklin D. Roosevelt has the distinction of being the first US president to ever fly in an aircraft, while Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first president to travel in an airplane with the designation Air Force One. It was Theodore Roosevelt, however, who was the first [former] president to ever fly [...]

Plane of the Week: Beriev Be-200

It’s a boat! It’s a plane! It’s an… amphibious aircraft! The Beriev Be-200, manufactured by Irkut Corporation, was designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company. The intention was to design an aircraft that served multiple purposes, such as fighting fires, acting in search and rescue efforts, serving as passenger transportation, and [...]

These Iconic Airlines Have Vanished From the Skies

Some of the most popular, iconic airlines of the United States have disappeared from the skies--and from our minds. How is it that some of the most popular airlines are now defunct? For some, financial problems were to blame. For others it was labor problems, increased competition or plane crashes which [...]

What You Need to Know About First Class Travel

First class travel is a dream for some, but what does it matter if you’re all getting from point A to point B at the same time? I’ve only traveled first class once in my life… and I slept through most of it. That particular travel experience was a blur of [...]

Plane of the Week: NASA AD-1

Even centuries-old aircraft will look somewhat familiar to modern aviation enthusiasts.  Early aviation engineers discovered pretty quickly there was a certain, standard structure for aircrafts that seemed capable of sustaining flight. Before there were documented stories, there were legends of men adhering bird-like wings to their arms, complete with plucked feathers [...]